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Reality: "It doesn't cost that much more to do it right the first time."

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Using these tools, you can really make money on line by adding your brain.

We say, "Do your Homework First"

Running an Online Marketing Business is not easy. 

There are 2 ways to do it. 

1. Trial & Error - You try this, you try that, you make lots of mistakes, have may errors, few wins and little goes well. You almost give up. Then, after 2-3 years of wasting your time & money you're out of steam. No Gains or wins & YOU actually Lose Money, Big Time! Is it the business, or is it you?

2.  Discover how to make money with a proper education and training programs. You can start to make money in 4-6 months & can be profitable in 8-10 months, But ONLY  when you follow the Steps & Rules.


Get a Different Kind of Excitement in your life.

We offer you an Exciting 

& Affordable "down to earth" Business Education & Training Program which includes a real live coach on Skype. However, you need to have discipline, lots of discipline to be successful.  We measure your learned skills and check your progress & business understandings. We offer you a $1,997 US- 21 Step Training Program for $49 US and after completion, you can move forward with us or not. If you're not satisfied with your progress or this is not your thing, you can get your money back without hassle. That's the simple truth of how we do business.

Closing the Deal With you is our Target!

We know you feel you're taking a chance by investing $49 US in our OnLine Business Education, Training and Hand Holding Support. Also, we know you are like us, because we were probably more skeptical than you are right now. Why are we doing this? "We want to earn your Trust and your Business." We love long-term relationships," but we must all start somewhere. This is one of our ways of inviting you to discover us with no risk. Another is "word of mouth." When we are honest & fair with you, others will follow.  We invite you to give us a try and see if this is for you, because it is not for everybody. It's that plain and simple.


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Are you open to sharing your thoughts on our plain and simple, "OnLine Business" approach? Would you say, "YES" to taking our $49 - '21 Step Training Package' so that you can improve your lifestyle by discovering the right way to make money OnLine? Drop us a note and we will respond. Thank you, James Douglas.

We are the new guys & gals on the block. We need and want the opportunity to bring you onboard.

We love our clients and they have discovered "Our Actions Exceed our Words!"

OnLine Marketing Business - Education & Training.


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We love sharing "What Not To Do" in your OnLine Marketing Business. Saves you time, money and stress.